Full of fresh lime flavours for that authentic Margarita taste from Mexico, best served over crushed ice in a salt rimmed glass.
Made in the UK
1.6 Units

It’s one of the world’s favorite cocktails, and legend has it that is originates in a small town in Mexico.

The margarita is undoubtedly one of Mexico’s most prized exports – no other drink creates such vivid images of sunny tropical beaches, playful marimba and mariachi music, tiki hut bars and that welcoming brain freeze! While there are many variations of the margarita recipe, the classic is still most margarita lovers’ favorite: tequila, fresh lime juice, triple sec or Cointreau and ice, with the perfect serve in a glass rimmed with salt, a wedge of lime to decorate and plenty of ice. At London Cocktail, we know that a cocktail on a hot beach, however desirable, is not always possible, so we’re bringing the sunny beaches to you.

Something as popular and near perfect as a Margarita is bound to attract lots of people claiming credit for its birth. One popular tale suggests the original margarita was invented back in the late 1930s in Tijuana, Mexico at the restaurant of Carlos “Danny” Herrera, known as the Rancho La Gloria. As is often the case with new cocktails, the original idea was to mask the harsh taste and burn of the liquor involved, in this case, tequila. Since tequila has long been enjoyed with lime and salt, all it took was a complimentary sweet ingredient, and the margarita was born.

But Herrera doesn’t get bragging rights so quickly. Others believe that the margarita was created by a Texan named Margarita Sames, who is said to have mixed her namesake cocktail for some friends, while vacationing in Acapulco in 1948. While her claim is considerably later than Herrera’s, it is still accepted by many – possibly because one of her guests, hotel chain owner Tommy Hilton, started offering the drink at his chain of hotels, which added to its popularity.

Not so fast, Ms. Sames. Ever heard of Jose Cuervo tequila? The spirit’s first U.S. importer, Anthony Dias Blue, is credited with writing the advertising slogan, “Margarita: it’s more than a girl’s name,” back in the mid-1940, several years before the Sames vacation party.

In the end, does it really matter? As long as you have a fabulously tasting Margarita from London Cocktail and the right frame of mind, the home of the Margarita is wherever you’re enjoying one!

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