Strawberry Daiquiri

A balanced blend of strawberries best shaken and poured over ice and garnished with a single strawberry.
Made in the UK
1.6 Units

If you want to sip on something cold, bright and refreshing while the weather is warming up, strawberry daiquiri it is!

The best of the juicy strawberries, a white rum, sugar and lime gives you a taste that you will want to remember and have everyone else coming back for more. At London Cocktail, we bring the fresh and juicy flavours to you, without the need for freshly crushed juice. Serve in a sugar rimmed cocktail glass, with plenty of ice and a fresh strawberry to serve.

The daiquiri, with its simple blend of rum, lime and sugar, is a drink that has been enjoyed for over a hundred years. The delicious and world-renowned drink was named after both an iron mine and a beach in Santiago, Cuba. Legend has it that the cocktail was invented in 1905 by Jennings Cox, the general manager of the Spanish American Iron Company. Supposedly he wanted to serve his guests a gin based cocktail, but was out of the alcohol, so on a whim he whipped up a lime, sugar, and Bacardi rum drink. It is not known if his original creation contained ice, probably unlikely considering the technology of the time, and the hot geographic region he was inhabiting. The Daiquiris he served ended up wowing his guests, then began to be served at local bars and pubs as a result. The rest is history, as we all know.

It’s not known when the first strawberry daiquiri was created, but we do know that the secret to making an excellent strawberry daiquiri is balancing the sweet and sour flavors just right. That requires more than just figuring out how much sugar to add since each of the ingredients contribute some sweetness to the mix. At London Cocktail, we’ve got that mix just right. So pour over ice and garnish with a strawberry, and release your inner bartender.

Strawberry Daiquiri | Bottle In Frame

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